How We Ditched Cable & Save Hundreds! | Roku Review

Getting Cable can be super expensive. I have looked into it several times. Any package we got, we would be spending over $600/year. Not sure about you, but being a stay-at-home-mom, I can’t afford that. Most people can and do because it’s convenient and it’s the norm.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be the norm!

What if there was something you can get at a fraction of the cost and get all the best channels that you get on your cable or satellite?

Spending money on cable and satellite is considered the norm now. It's just normal to get it as soon as you move into a house. But you can watch great TV at a fraction of the cost! Find out how! - - #frugal #living #save #money #savemoney #roku #review

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When we moved into an apartment when my daughter was 6 months old, I tried and tried to get cable out there. No decent ones went out there! Strange, right?! I lived almost in the middle of a major city, but no good cable provider went to our apartment complex. So I decided to just deal with it and try out a regular antenna. I picked one up at the local Wal-Mart for about $15. It provided good enough coverage so that I could watch The Big Bang Theory every night at 8PM! (: Good enough for me, but what about Alexis?? Well throughout the day, she would stay tuned into Frozen mostly, but I rotated her DVD’s when we were home. At night, my fiancé and I would watch whatever series we were hooked into on Netflix in our bedroom on the Xbox.

Keep in mind, I was okay with this because we were only planning to be there for 7 months… It took a year and a half to find a house!

It wasn’t always easy. I got tired of Little A’s DVD’s and wished that we could get satellite to get Disney Jr. or something like that.


Now we are in our house and I knew from struggling at the apartment that I didn’t want the added expense of cable. We lived without it thus far, so why do we need it now? Granted Alexis keeps the DVD player we had in her room and the Xbox has seen better days & no longer wants to turn on easily.

When we first moved in, I looked into a Roku.


I decided on the Roku 2 for us. It was {{very}} affordable and had all we needed. Since the Xbox died, we needed something with Netflix and this has it, along with kid channels! So now Alexis can watch episodes on well-known kid channels such as Nick, Nick Jr and Disney Jr as well as on other kid channel apps that are provided by Roku. One of her favorite channels to watch currently is the app that has nursery rhymes on it. She loves to sing along!

Roku has all kinds of channels so that you’re not missing too much from not having a cable provider. It is a one time purchase of the Roku itself (don’t forget the HDMI cable, like I did!) You can also get channels on it that do require a monthly fee but they have “live” shows like if you were watching it on cable/satellite. The one that I found and had for a month, SlingTV, I did not have a good experience with but it was only $25/month.

UPDATE 12.14.16 – We have SlingTV back on our Roku to watch The Walking Dead each week and we have not had any problems with it this time around. However, I have switched internet providers since then, so maybe that’s what it was.


Netflix is a monthly fee of $9.99+ (depending on the package you chose). It has seasons for my fiancé and I to watch as well as popular kid shows and movies! When we are looking at DVD’s to buy Alexis in the store so she can watch them in her room, it’s hard to find something she might like that I can justify buying because it’s already on Netflix (they have that much!)

A plus side is that they also add new content at times too! So it’s not always the same. I absolutely LOVE Netflix.


Having an antenna in our apartment and having the Roku in our home now has saved me a lot of money and Alexis is very content, because lets face it… toddlers want to watch the same thing over and over anyways! I need to straighten out our internet provider situation to save more, so look for that update soon!!

Update 12.14.16 – I have updated our provider so now we have Time Warner. It helps because they have unlimited data unlike out other provider. This means instead of streaming the Roku so much we go over and I get surprised with a $100+ internet bill, we have a much lower cost, great service (we can be streaming videos on 3 devices and there’s no interference) and I know that my bill will be the low cost that I signed up for!

Your Turn

Have you had any experiences with a Roku?

Or, what’s your favorite show? (I need some new ideas!) 😉

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