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First things first…

For this project I will be using my Silhouette Cameo. This machine… I absolutely LOVE it. The possibilities are endless. It comes with 100 preloaded designs. Usually when things come with free preloaded things, they’re not that cute, therefore not usable. But the designs you get are adorable & totally usable. They also have a Silhouette Store where you can purchase more designs and they are affordable! They have many ways to purchase this machine. In this package  then you get a spatula and a weeding hook. (Weeding = weeding out parts that you don’t need. i.e. the centers of letters such as A, B, O..etc.) A spatula is useful for peeling things off the mat, especially if you use it for cutting fabric.

They also have this starter bundle available that includes the a Pixscan Mat, Vinyl Trimmer Blade, Black Cutting Blade, 12 x 12 Cutting Mat, $25 in Image downloads at Silhouette Store (they have some awesome things!), 4 sheets of 9 x 24 premium vinyl in black, white, dark pink, and leaf green, 10 feet of premium transfer paper, Silhouette hook, Silhouette scraper, and SO much more!

I looked into the Cricut as well, but for the kinds of things I wanted to do, the silhouette is more versatile to meet my needs. When I say I looked into both, I spent about a month looking into what the silhouette could do vs. the Cricut. Granted both have pros and cons, so just look into both (& they have more than 2 brands, so research is key!) before making such a big purchase! (:

The Project!


When Alexis was about 11 or 12 months old, I wanted to get her some rain boots. But I had the WORST time finding them in small sizes. I think she was in about a size 3 at the time and I hd to buy a size 6 rain boot because that’s all I could find. However, she walked in them just fine and was able to splash and have a ball when it would rain.

After having those adorable Lady Bug Rain Boots for almost 2 years, she finally outgrew them and I dreaded looking for more when it took me about 4 months to stumble upon those close enough to her size.

However, this time it wasn’t so bad. I was walking to look for something in Wal-Mart when the cutest pink rain boots caught my eye. Then it hit me. MONOGRAM!

I didn’t buy them that day. I had to wait for payday. But we went back this passed weekend and I had to get them! I could only find them in a size 9 when she is a size 7.. but whatever. They work and she loved them.

Fast-forward to coming home. I jump onto the Silhouette software and put together an adorable Minnie Mouse.!


For ease of making your own, I have put together this SVG file! The only thing you need to do is download a monogram font. I use a circle monogram font that I found in the Silhouette Design Store. ♥

If you have any questions, please drop them below!!

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