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Let’s be honest… Being a stay-at-home mom used to stress me because I never knew what to cook for dinner!! I felt like I was always in the store spending money, but I never had anything to cook… One day while tossing things out, I thought about how much money I was tossing in the garbage because I was throwing away food I never even opened! Sounds absurd, right? But I didn’t have a plan ((or any lists!)). My “plan” was literally; go to the store; buy what looks good/sounds good and buy what’s on sale; go home and put it up, then look on Pinterest for ideas for dinner.

I would fill up our tiny apartment kitchen with food and feel like we would be set for the week but find myself in the store 3 more times.

Then we moved into our house and our kitchen was a lot bigger, which meant it looked like we had nothing! I still stayed with the same routine of never planning ahead. But I would still fill up our even bigger kitchen with food and still have no clue what to cook for dinner… Except this time, we didn’t have any fast-food place 2 minutes away to run to when I wasn’t prepared. (A plus of our apartment close to the city, we had everything around the corner!)

When I got my Silhouette Cameo I had an idea!


I’ve literally never been a very organized person.

Like… What is Org-an-i-za-chun¿

I usually start stuff to stay organized and then say forget it, it’s too hard. But this is really simple!

I put these together in Silhouette Studio. To learn how to make these, just visit my Youtube Tutorial “Making a List on Silhouette Studio”

After you design, print and cut them out, I simply cut a piece of cardstock with a tad bit bigger measurement (about 1″) on your silhouette. I stapled the menus that I printed and cut then hot glues them in on the cardstock and applied a magnet strip on the back.

And Viola! You’re done and ready to start planning your grocery trips, appointments, or whatever else you need to plan!

The possibilities are seriously endless with a Slhouette Cameo!
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