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I kind of don’t want to write this because I feel like it will scare any moms-to-be. But I also think that it’s necessary to prepare anyone for the worst. I spent my entire pregnancy trying to convince myself that I was worrying over nothing when I thought my labor would be hard. I told myself that the hospital would be prepared, I would be able to get the epidural when and if I needed it, and it would be easy. If anything it might last long but I didn’t think it would be too horrible.


Let’s Dive In!

I’m due on Wednesday the 12th but It’s Saturday the 8th, I’m running errands with my parents. I keep having sharp pains and I brush them off as Braxton Hicks contractions because I had those… a lot.

I remember walking through the store with them and having to grip the buggy because it hit so hard. I did all of this trying not to draw attention to myself because after all, it was just Braxton Hicks.

That night they got harder. I wasn’t due for 4 more days, I couldn’t be going into labor before my due date… could I?

Nahhhh, I’m not that lucky. I was fat and miserable and over being pregnant. But I couldn’t be having her early. My life doesn’t work like that.

But I wanted to make sure so..

to the hospital we went…

Around 9pm on Saturday night because the contractions were getting increasingly more painful and my mom didn’t want me to have a baby at the house or in her car.

Note: We lived about 30/40 minutes from the hospital.

Around 9:30 I was hooked up to the monitor and the nurse said they would watch for 30 minutes. About 15 minutes later (9:45) the nurse walks in and says she called the Dr and he said I wasn’t in labor and sent me home.

The funny thing is that my contractions had just started showing up harder on the monitor when she flipped it off outside, came in and said I could go home. I was livid.

Like I said, my mom didn’t want me to have a baby in her car or at home. So her and I went to Wal-Mart to walk around. In doing so, I got increasingly more pissed. I could barely walk around the store I was in so much pain by that time but they sent me home. She asked if I wanted to go back in which I replied, “No. They will just send me home again and I would just blow the place up” (“Increasingly more PISSED”)

So we went to get a Cookout milkshake and went home. All the time I would have to grip the handle every 5-10 minutes and breathe to let the contraction pass. By this time I knew that I was in labor, but I wasn’t about to go back to the hospital and have them send me home again.

I don’t like being the boy that cried wolf… (*Insert eye roll here*)

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When we got home…

they got worse and worse. A lot of that is a blur, but I remember at about 2am my fiancé got there and called the doctor.
He was pretty pissed by this time because I was in tears.

What did the doctor say when my fiancé called him?

“Tell her to take 2 tylenol. It will go away.”

If I were face-to-face with him, I would have choked him to say the least….

My mom tried to get sleep. My fiancé said he would stay up with me but in between my screams he was asleep on the couch. Around 5:30am I told my mom it felt like she was about to fall out. She freaked out and my fiancé helped me get in the car while she got ready to go.

I will never forget showing up at the hospital…

The guy at the check-in counter said “Oh you’re back.”

“Yeah and they better not send me home this time!”

“I don’t think they will” (He could see my intense barely-able-to-walk pain) “I just need you to fill this out”

Screaming in my head: “Why the hell can’t they fill out the time I came in!? It’s f***ing 6:25am. This is bulls**t. I’m going to blow this place up for sending me home!”

So I went back. I thought it would get better from there. I was admitted and the nurse was hanging a bag of fluids so that – & I quote – “When they moved me I would be able to get the epidural.” Because I knew I needed it by that point. I was in SO much more pain than I anticipated.

Finally got a room!

I was moved into a room about 7:30 or 8am. I don’t remember times much after I wrote it on the paper when I walked in.

I was told that the anesthesiologist was in with someone else and would get to me as soon as they could.
I figured, okay I can do this for a little longer.

But it took forever!

So I screamed, cussed and threatened the people from my bed at the top of my lungs until the anesthesiologist walked through the door around 9:30am.

I remember telling her she was a God sent Angel!

I was pissed that it took her so damn long, but I was happy to start getting relief and I didn’t want her to screw it up.
After all, I wanted to attempt no epidural because I was scared of a needle going in my back!

Getting the epidural wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had the contractions to keep my mind off any other pain that may be happening to my body. The scary part though was that she said try not to move. I feel like a damn knife is splitting me in two in the worst ways and you don’t want me to move?? Okayyyyy…. What if I do? ((I was too scared to actually ask, so I did my best.))

After the Epidural…

I was still in pain for about the next 30 minutes will it started working. But it finally started to subside. I stopped feeling like the pain was causing me to black out (literally) and I was able to concentrate on the fact that I was finally having my baby. But not for long.

Getting closer!

About an hour after I got the epidural my water broke. I felt the pop somewhat. It mainly just felt so weird and then I could feel sogginess underneath me. The nurse came in to check my dilation not thinking that I would be that far along but I was at 9cm!

Baby Time!

The nurse called the doctor and got everything sat up. I wanted to kick the arrogant SOB in the face when he walked in. I wanted to ask (obviously in a mocking tone) if two tylenol would have stopped this. But I didn’t. I kept my mouth shut because I didn’t want him to screw up either.

At 11:10am I had my 6lb 9oz, 19 1/4 in bundle of perfection.


My labor experience was horrible in my opinion. I know obviously other people have it worse than me and theirs takes way longer.
I just don’t know why they couldn’t have more than one anesthesiologist or at least have one on call for when the other is busy…

Oh well. She was cute and stuff. For like the first thirty minutes. Then I wanted to send her back with the stork. But that’s another story.

The upside?

I barely had the epidural long enough so it didn’t affect my baby at all. When she came out, she was so alert! I also got to attempt breastfeeding right from the get-go because she was so awake. That was pretty awesome.

There were ups and downs from it and I think the fact that it wasn’t what I imagined and that I didn’t have some things from some people go as expected then I don’t want another baby. But there are other reasons behind not wanting another baby that I will post about as well.

What about yours?

I would love to hear other experiences! Good or bad. So drop yours below!

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