Pet Peeves!

These things just... bug me! Here are my top 5 pet peeves. What annoys you? - - #petpeeve #annoying

If we’re being honest, a LOT of stuff bugs me. But I’ll keep it short with what I think are my top 5 pet peeves!

5. Whining!

My child is learning to push my buttons with this one. If she doesn’t get her way she fake cries about it and that just absolutely bugs the dickens out of me. This also goes for adults who don’t get their way and need to post their sob story all over Facebook. I’m sorry, I don’t care what your “babydaddy” did and you went back for the millionth time. (I actually hate the word “baby daddy” too so forgive me.)

4. Bad Driving

For heavens sake people, if you can’t drive then stay off the road! If you need to text then pull over! If there is a Pikachu, pull off to the side like a normal human being! Stop putting my child’s life at danger so you can tweet your selfie.

This also goes for people who think it’s okay to drink and drive. I have to be very cautious when I work on Saturdays because driving through the city at 11pm is just asking to run into a drunk… Or several!

3. Whistle Breathers

For the love of God… Blow your nose. Get some allergy meds. Or just stop breathing! I can’t take it anymore.

(If you don’t know what this is, it’s when the person is breathing and sounds like they are whistling through their nose)

2. Snoring

This pet peeve used to go for my dad when I lived at home and wanted to watch TV in the living room after he had went to bed. That was impossible. You couldn’t hear the TV over his snoring. Now it goes for my fiancé. I don’t watch TV after he goes to bed, though I probably should.. Now I’m just trying to sleep. #impossible!

1. Loud Chewing

Out of all my pet peeves, this is the worst… Chew with your mouth closed! I don’t care to hear your saliva rolling around in your mouth and you smacking your lips from across the room. & if you’re beside me, then please pray that I’m having a good day and don’t snap your neck.


There are other things that bug me like rude people; kid shows; repetitive stuff; liars…
People in general bug me and make me anxious. It’s probably a problem… but I’m okay with that. (:

Comment below with your pet peeves!! (:

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