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Being a stay-at-home-mom I did my research on how to save money on everyday things. A lot of the ways to save can be easily downloaded on your phone. Here are # of my favorite money saving apps!

I have an Android phone so these apps are definitely available on Androids not too sure about iPhones.

Tip: Pair any of the apps in this post with other apps to maximize your savings. (Ex. Look for rebates on the same items on other apps to save even more on the product.)

5. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot used to be my go-to for so many coupons to use in store. Especially Michaels when I would seem to find a reason to go once or twice a week for no reason. They have a “nearby” feature so you can see the nearby deals while you’re shopping. This isn’t just for in-store shopping, they also have online coupons as well. I can’t tell you how much this app has saved me in stores such as Bath & Body works and Michaels. Seriously, probably about $200 in those two stores alone!

4. Groupon

I’m sure that many of you have heard about Groupon, but I just love it. When Christmas comes around I always try to check here for some things that I think Alexis might like. Last year I was able to order some Thomas the Train DVD’s and some other little odds and ends off of Groupon for way less than I would have paid in store. There were no defects to the items I ordered, they were the same quality but just didn’t hit my wallet as hard as if I went to a store and purchased the item.

One neat thing is they also have a “nearby” feature to see what kinds of services you can save on nearby. Like on mine, I can see things like massage service discounts, trampoline park discounts and concert discounts.

screenshot (7)
screenshot (8)

3. SavingStar

screenshot (6)SavingStar is a good app, but the only drawback is that you usually have to buy more than one of the item. For instance, you buy $12 of a brand and you can earn $3 in savings. I’m not crazy about buying so much of one product unless I am couponing (which I need to get back into) and I have 4 or more coupons to use. However you can also save percentages on items, like 20% on bananas (pair this offer with Checkout 51 and Ibotta and you could be getting free or money making bananas!)

One thing to look out for on this app that I do like a lot is their freebie. They usually always have a freebie item where they credit you back 100% on that product!


I have cashed out as low as $5 before so their limit for cashing out isn’t near as high as the other apps that are listed here.




2.Checkout 51

screenshot (4)This app is super user friendly to use. All you have to do is star the offers that you are going to use, take a picture of your reciept and “bing” you will be credited with your extra savings usually within 24 hours. Sometimes almost immediately. I always forget about using apps so I don’t use it as much as I need to which will definitely be changing soon! Scanning through, it looks like they have more offers that I could use than they used to!

When your account balance hits $20 you can request to have a check sent to you. I haven’t used it enough to hit this yet but I’ve never seen anyone complain about this app so I’m sure they get it to you in a timely manner.

Looking at the new variety of items they are starting to list, I would definitely recommend this app.





1. Ibotta

Ibotta is my number one favorite app! It’s super easy to use and has more than just grocery categories to save on.

It also has a lot of stores to chose on. I haven’t found a grocery store that I go to that isn’t on this list. It shows nearby stores, so there may be different stores on yours that show on mine. All you have to do is download the app, which you can do HERE then signup and screenshot (3)you’re ready to go! You just go to the rebate that you want to use, tap on “unlock” and do the task (if it asks to do one) I use to see a lot of videos, where you just watch a short video about the brand, but lately I haven’t seen as many. A lot of times now I can click “unlock” and it’s added to my rebates or I have to answer a small poll about the brand or app.


You can cash out through PayPal or Venmo as well as purchase gift cards to stores such as Gap, Old Navy, and Starbucks or restaurants such as Applebee’s & Papa Johns. They have went up on the amount that you need to cash out – it used to be $10 now it’s $20 but it’s really easy to get to $20. The first time I cashed out, I had over $20 in there and I had only had it for about 2 months. They have many bonus opportunities to earn anywhere from $.25 – $5.00!


I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it. Like I said it’s easy to learn and they are making it increasingly easy to earn with each new update lately! So make sure you head on over and download it!



If you have any money saving apps that you just love, feel free to share them below! In today’s time, it’s always best to get the most out of your buck!

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