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Favorite Netflix Shows!

As you may have read in “Cutting the Cable” one thing I do to save money is we use Netflix instead of cable/satellite.

But what is on there to watch? Well in my opinion, YES! So I wanted to list a few shows that we watch on there to show it’s not all junk. Personally I think Netflix is better than the other streaming apps in terms of what they have available.

Things for Kids

They have a variety of everything. Probably the most awesome thing is the designated kid section.
If your little knows how to work the remote, then this is perfect because they only have access to things that are rated for kids.
This month, October, they have added “A Cinderella Story”! So I was stoked about that. Alexis even watched it with me.

The List:

  1. Sofia the First – If you have a little girl, I’m sure you don’t need an explanation of this one. It’s all about Princess Sofia!
  2. Storybots – I haven’t totally watched this one to understand enough about it, but Alexis likes the little characters and it’s a learning show. So it’s a win-win for us.
  3. Thomas the Train – Alexis is a big fan of Thomas the Train. So I was super happy when I seen they have quite a few episodes of him available on Netflix! & When I say quite a few, I mean I think they have almost all of them.
  4. Tinkerbell – Same as Thomas, I was shocked they had as many Tinkerbell movies available! But it makes me oh-so happy because I also like watching Tinkerbell with her. (:
  5. Curious George – I think this is just an adorable show and I like watching the curious little monkey with my little monkey.!

Adult Things

& Nooo, Not X-Rated things!
Get your head out of the gutter.

What about adults? If you’re like me, I just wait for bedtime some days so I can watch something that feels like it challenges my brain more than them dang kid shows. Well Netflix has me covered! I could go on and on with this list, but I will try to narrow it down to my top faves!!

The List:

  1. Pretty Little Liars – I am currently obsessed with this show! I even got my fiancé hooked. We are not-so-patiently waiting to see who A is! If you can’t be patient… VERY patient, then try to steer clear of this show.!
  2. Law & Order: SVU – I used to be obsessed with this when I lived with my parents. I would always have my satellite turned on NBC (or whatever channel it was) so I could watch this show. So the fact that it is on Netflix is amazing to me. It is my go-to adult show if my daughter decides to take a nap.
  3. Lets Go To Prison – As far as good movies to watch, I absolutely love this one. I think it was recently added on there so I’m not sure if or when they will take it off. But my fiancé told me it was a good movie. Despite how he usually says something is good and I end up not liking it as much, this was a funny movie!
  4. Prison Break – Definitely had to add this to my top 5 list! I absolutely loved this series and I am so excited that I heard they’re bringing it back and adding more!! Full of suspense with some comedy as well.
  5. The Walking Dead – Since we don’t have satellite, we may not stay as “up-to-date” on this show, but that’s okay with me. Eventually Netflix gets the new episodes and we catch up in like a day. I think this way works better for me because I’m not left waiting for what’s happening next until we reach the end of the season.
  6. Orange is the New Black – Seriously like THE best show ever! I wasn’t expecting the fiancé to get hooked, but he did! It’s got a bunch of humor and some suspense as well. However, if you are strictly against “girl-on-girl” don’t watch it. I mean come on, they’re in prison what do you expect?
  7. Grey’s Anatomy – So happy they have this on Netflix! We are currently waiting for the newer season to come out. I think we binged watched this every night for about a month or 2 before we finished all the seasons available on Netflix which is like 9 seasons I think!! (We can only binge watch at night when he is home from work and after Alexis is in bed or else we could have finished in a week!)
  8. Shameless – So we have been running out of series to watch and lately we have been watching this series. At first I was like “Uhm no… No way am I watching this” There was sex within like the first 5 scenes! And drug use! I’m not perfect by any means but that was like a no-go for me. However, when you continue to watch it, the story line is actually pretty funny. Like, really funny. But you have to like that kind of crude humor (just a heads up). Totally worth the watch though!

A Couple Things To Note

I love love love having Netflix. My top love is the fact that we don’t have to watch commercials!  When I’m at my mom’s and a commercial comes on, I am lost! Like what’s this and what do I do now?? Pahahaha. Can you say #spoiled?

If you are looking for a way to save money as far as television goes, then Netflix is the way to go. It’s a monthly fee of anywhere between $7.99 – $11.99. The $7.99 plan gives you the option to watch on one screen at a time in Standard Definition (SD) quality. They also have a $9.99 plan where you can watch on two screens at a time in either SD or High Definition (HD) quality. Their $11.99 plan lets you watch on 4 screens at a time in HD and Ultra Definition (UD) quality.

They offer a 1-Month Free Trial, but make sure you cancel if you don’t want to be charged before it’s up! If you don’t then you will be billed $7.99 for the new month. (But I am sure that you will love it and want to keep it forever!)

Note: While Netflix may be cheaper, your internet may not be. Check with your internet provider and see how much data you can use. I currently have a crappy one that I thought had unlimited usage but it does not and I will be switching soon to a much cheaper internet with unlimited data!

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