Some people may look down on young moms, but I love being a young mom! - - #youngmom #momlife #loveBack Then…

When I was in high school I had my life all planned out.

I wanted to be married when I was 21 or 22, graduate collage soon after, and then I would want to have a kid, get the hang of that child and then I wanted to have another and possible eventually add a third.


Right after my 19th birthday I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.

So pregnant at 19 did not at all go according to my plans for life, did it?

For some it may have felt like the end of the world. They would have immediately dropped out of college and just worked full-time, or maybe they would have aborted it.

To me it was okay. I wanted to be a mother. I honestly knew that’s the main thing I had always wanted to be… A damn good mother. (I may not be a “damn” good mom but I know for a fact that I am 98% of the time a really good mom)

Sure I am not in college anymore, but I think that would have happened anyways. The major that I thought was for me I turned out to be quite horrible at and I really can’t find anything that I think I would absolutely excel at. I am contemplating trying some online things for web design or something like that, but we will see.


People don’t let you forget you’re a young mom either. Especially me because let’s face it, I can’t go anywhere without being told I look like I’m 15. However that’s better than being told I look 12 like I used to be a couple years ago. So I’m finally aging! I haven’t decided if that’s a good or a bad thing yet.

I get some funny looks when I walk with my daughter and some people ask if she’s mine like it’s a bad thing. Kind of rude actually…

But people will be people and I get that.

I will continue to be the best mother to my child as I can be. She wasn’t a mistake. She was a blessing. She was a God sent angel and she has helped me get through some rough times in the past 2 years.

Looking down at your child gives you hope and meaning. It lets you see that you have a purpose in life. That even when you can feel like the worst failure and like you mess everything up, you have managed to create a beautiful life (and keep it alive!) and that’s an accomplishment in my book!

So I think it’s safe to say that I love being a young mom.

More reasons I love it!

Another huge reason that I love being a young mom is that I get to (hopefully) get to spend more time with her.

Having my first child later in life, around 25/30 wasn’t totally ideal – but of course I would be happy to have one at all.

However, I love that I have more time to have fun and play with her without my bones creaking and breaking when they come in contact with a ball.
…Or I fall into a pile of bones if I jump on a trampoline.

Okay.. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. But you get the point.

I enjoy being able to run and play with her.

Plus having a bad back, I have came to terms with the fact that I may not be in the greatest shape in a few years.
Especially if I continue working as a CNA, which isn’t my plan.

You know how my plans go though!

All-in-all, getting all the moments that I will get to see her smile, laugh and grow through the years is by far the biggest blessing I will ever receive.

That is why I love being a young mommy!

If you’re a young mommy, let me know what your favorite part(s) are in the comments below! ♥

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