Stop wasting money on those expensive wallflower refills! Instead, follow these easy steps in refilling the air fresheners that you already have. - - #wallflower #bathandbodyworks #refill #diy

Being a stay-at-home-mom, I am always looking for ways to save a little bit of money. I mean how else would I be able to afford only working every other weekend and still pay my pile of bills?

Buying any of those fragrance wallflowers can hit the wallet a little harder than I’d like, but especially the cute Bath & Body Works Wallflowers that are super adorable (and I just HAVE to have them) can be expensive.

Thanks to Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale I was able to purchase 4 of the wallflowers and some refills for fairly cheap! And I loved that being as we moved into a new house where the former owner smoked in the house, I definitely needed something! But 6 months into living here, and I have ran through all the refills I had and the old smell was starting to come back around so I needed to do something fast!
liquidA while back I ran across someone who had posted somewhere on Pinterest about refilling a wallflower bottle with some of the smelly good liquid fragrances.

So while at Dollar Tree (my new home away from home) I seen the huge bottles of liquid potpourri and picked up one that smelled of fall, Apple Cinnamon! Mmmm!

After all, it is somehow already September! How did that happen!? I’ll never know.

I swear time flies ten-times faster when you have a kid (or hit 18 years old… one of the two)

Anyways! I tried it and it works! So all four of my wallflowers are back in use thanks to this $1 bottle of fragrance! And the best part?! I refilled all four and it literally barely made a dent in the bottle! So this one $1 bottle will last a while!

To learn how to do this just click here as I have done a short DIY video because I thought my written directions may be a little complicated. But if you would rather just try to make sense of my written how-to, keep reading! (:


All you need to do is grab a pair of tweezers and lift up the plastic tab around the top of the wallflower bottle that holds the fragrance stem in. I was able to lift it up half way then take it all the way out by just pulling it.

None of my funnels fit in the top of the wallflower bottle so I used an old measuring cup with a spout.
Pour the potpourri in the measuring cup then into the wallflower bottle.

Press the plastic piece back on with the fragrance stem and ta-da!
Enjoy that sweet smell of saving money!

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