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Make the Best of 2017!!

Let’s face it. Things are expensive now days.

But with a little planning ahead, I think you can make any dream become a reality!
{{Within reason, of course!}}

So like my Fall Bucket List I will post a post and turn the task into a link as we complete it! I have big dreams for 2017 and the ambition to make it happen. My little girl is turning 3 in February, it’s time to start making things super fun!

The List:

  • Disney Cruise!
  • Tye Dye – I always say I will, but I never do!
  • Plant a Garden
  • Finish a Book!
  • Go mini-golfing
  • Go to the beach
  • Family Movie Night
  • Go to a water park
  • Go to the movies!
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to a drive-in-movie
  • Watch a Sunset {{preferably at the beach!}}
  • Starbucks trip {{we never go}}
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Go to the Science Center
  • Trip to the nail salon!
  • Grow my blog
  • Go fishing
  • Jump at a Trampoline Park
  • Get a second tattoo!

This list may grow as I think of everything I want to do. The year comes with 365 days and I want to make the best of every day!

Of course you see Disney Cruise is number one. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise and I think Alexis would just love it! I preferably want to go on the Christmas Cruise. If anyone has any experience on a Disney cruise I would love to hear it! I would also love to hear any ideas for your family you have for the upcoming year! <3

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