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Christmas shopping always starts to stress me even if I do start shopping in September.

Especially when I see that August just kinda skipped over, September was about a week long and December will be here in what seems like 2 days.

Over exaggeration of course, but you get the point:
Christmas comes way too fast.

So here are a few ways that I shop from the comfort of my home in my jammies and sometimes at night with a glass of wine!
{{For more things than just Christmas gifts!}}


Last year I found Ebates but I never used it much. This year I plan on changing that for sure! I feel like I just wasted money last year going out and paying for things in store. Granted, I usually bought stuff on sale, but if I would have ordered though Ebates, I could have gotten cash back as well as the item on sale and there are also usually good coupons for online shopping! If you think Ebates would be beneficial for you and want to try it out, if you use my link here. By using my link I’ll get $10 after your first purchase but you also will get $10!! I wish I would have found someone to sign up through to get that $10!


Swagbucks is a site kind of like Ebates, but it’s more than just shopping.
You earn “swagbucks” through completing tasks, searching (like google), answering polls, playing games, etc.
You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards to almost anywhere or Paypal credit!

I did use this last year for ordering a couple things offline because the store I was ordering from had a higher percentage back and even though it’s not cash like Ebates, I collected more swagbucks and can turn them in for cash.

I use this everyday. Even if it’s just answering their daily poll or searching through swagbucks search engine.

I plan on redeeming for a couple gift cards before Christmas and using those for gifts to save the out-of-pocket expenses!

Join Swagbucks!

Click on the image above or click here to join me in saving up some swagbucks for Christmas and earning some through Christmas Shopping!


This is a plug-in on my computer, not a site but it is very helpful when shopping online. It alerts you when there is a coupon on a site that you are shopping on! I am a lover of coupons, so I love having this to rely on. I used to use RetailMeNot but this bundles all the coupon codes available in one place and applies them for you to find out which code will give you the best discount. My only complaint about this is that it doesn’t always apply the one that has the best discount. So I watch my total with each code applied and I make sure it actually applies the right one.

You can see on this screenshot that when I go to, I look up in my toolbar and there are 97 codes on Honey for the Carters site! That’s a lot of coupons. When I visit RetailMeNot, there are only about 3 or 4 legit online codes.


Something to Note!

Don’t just jump on an item unless it’s a KILLER deal! Sure it could sell out at some point, but with 3 or 4 months till Christmas, I think it’s safe to say you have a little bit to wait for a good sale! There are some things that I have saved in my cart and when it goes on a bigger sale then I get either a notification on my phone if it’s on an app or an email that it’s cheaper!

I like to wait till at least Black Friday or Cyber Monday to buy some expensive things but in the past couple years I have seen items be cheaper a week or two before/after those “huge” sales. So be on the lookout! Don’t let these huge companies price gouge.

Your Turn! ♥

If you have a site that you love to shop on for good deals, PLEASE drop it below!! I would love to hear about any sites to make my Christmas shopping easier on my mind and on my wallet!!

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