Bat Silhouette Finger Painting Craft!

Halloween is approaching and having a toddler, I want some of our “decorations” to be things that Alexis makes.
She loves seeing her artwork hanging on the walls and I will love keeping them and looking back on all the activities we did as well as helping her learn new things while we make a mess.

I seen this easy bat silhouette craft on Crafty Morning blog!

You don’t need many materials, it’s all stuff you probably have around the house.

It didn’t turn out exactly like the one diaplayed on Crafty Morning, but that’s okay.

I also had to help her a little more than I thought I would, but it still is cute and she had fun making it.

Bat Silhouette Finger Paint - - #bat #halloween #paint #craft

What You Need:

  • Paint (Orange, White, Yellow)
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Tape
  • Bat Cut-Outs.
  • Paper Plate or the like

{{You can go here to get the FREE SVG or DXF file that I created for my Silhouette Cameo!}}
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  1. Tape the bats down to the paper, I just rolled a piece of tape and stuck it on the back so it didn’t interfere with the making of the silhouette.
  2. Put paint on the plate {{or whatever you want to use}}
  3. Let them use their fingertips to make little dots on the construction paper.

I think it looks super cute when they do little dots with their fingers but Alexis wasn’t having that.
At one point she took her whole hand and just started smearing the paint everywhere.


Alexis was so proud of her painting though and was so anxious to have me hang it up.

She also HAD to show her daddy as soon as he walked through the door.


This activity is good for helping to develop small motor skills by drawing with their fingers and feeling the paint with their hands. It helps learn colors if they don’t already know them as well as it helps add a word to their vocabulary because I’m sure it’s not often that you talk about bats. So now she knows what a bat shape looks like and I pulled up some images of real bats on the internet to show her what a real one looked like.


Most importantly with any project, have fun! Get messy with them. Talk to them and work their little brains.
They are more absorbent than a sponge, so take advantage of it before they stop caring and mommy no longer knows everything. {{We know we do, but they won’t think so}}
I didn’t think that Alexis would know shapes, colors, numbers, or much until she was at least almost 4.
She learned how to count to 5 before age 2 and knew some colors and shapes.
She can now count to 20 at age 2 and she knows all her colors {{the normal ones anyways}}, all her shapes, all her letters and so so much more! She can also count to 10 in Spanish!

Keep a lookout for more toddler activities for the upcoming holidays! I will always list how to help them learn even more.
Let’s help our littles learn and have fun while creating beautiful artwork to display around the home!
♥ I would also love to see what your little created! So drop it in the comments below!! ↓

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