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If you’re a mom, then you’ve probably asked yourself why you’re so comfortable paying $15 for a dress or shirt your kid will wear for 6 months but when it comes to me, I hate paying more than $10 for a shirt.
Why!? I seriously question this every time.

We’re shopping in a kid store:
“Oh these shorts are adorable!! $20? That’s not bad because they’re so cute! She needs them.”

Shopping in a store like Kohls for some clothes that actually fit because some of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t anymore:
“Seriously? This top is like nothing and they want $15?? No. These shorts are $20?? I’ll pass. I think I can squeeze into mine long enough to lose some weight.” {{Because I have been starting a diet on Monday morning for the past 2 years}}

How to Save

I have recently stumbled upon an app called Mercari. It is similar to eBay. You can buy gently used clothing from other users. They offer a $2 credit towards your first purchase and you also get $2 for referring a friend.

Download in the Apple App store here.

Download in the Google Play here.

I dreaded buying a whole new fall wardrobe for Alexis this season but when I found this app I started listing some of her clothes that she has out grown to see if they would sell.

They did! 

So Mercari lets you take the money that you make from items that you sell and apply it towards your purchases!

I will post a video and link it here showing the things that I have bought so far {{eventually}}

I have never had a bad experience yet, but I try to always check ratings. If you go to the seller or buyers page, then you are able to see how other people have rated them to make sure you don’t get scammed. This is a feature that I love. Both the seller and buyer have to rate each other before the transaction can be completed.


I have been using their beta version. This version had no fees, but it ended today (October 18, 2016) and now they will charge a 10% selling fee when your sale is successfully completed. Which isn’t bad! Another app I used to use took 20% of anything over $15 and a flat $2.95 for anything under $15. So only 10% for them to be able to provide other services? Sure!

What They Offer

They have pretty much a little of everything. I only use it to buy clothing, but they have makeup, mens clothing, toddler girl and boy clothing, shoes, electronics, handmade things, home items and much more!

They have all kinds of brand names such as Victoria Secret, Hollister, Carter’s, OshKosh, etc.

I love the variety of things they have and the amazing search filters that allow you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for!

A lot of the items that I have purchased started that they had either been worn once, or they still had the tags on them and were like a fraction of the in-store cost! Gotta love that!

My Two Cents

I love this app. I really do. I use it to sell all mine and my daughters clothing. I have noticed that when I add things at night, they seem to get more “likes” and purchased faster. I assume that’s because more people are on it looking at things that are being added.

Aside from their search filters that I mentioned above, I also love the fact that if I go through and “like” an item, then it will keep me updated as far as the price. If the seller reduces the price it notifies you.
You “liked” items are also super easy to find in your menus. So I can easily find an item that I wanted when I get the balance for it.

If you get an item that has been gently used/worn once, etc, then make sure you wash it. I feel like that goes without saying, but the germaphobe in me feels the need to say this.

It’s super easy to use and I just love it. I totally recommend it to everyone if you are looking to save on buying clothes! ♥

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