Feeling like a Lazy Mom? You’re Not Alone!

Why I’m Done Feeling Like a Lazy Mom

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Have you ever had one of those weeks where Friday comes and the house is still a wreck because you have just been so ‘lazy’ and haven’t felt like doing a thing not just that day, but the whole week?

This has been life for me lately. I have felt like a total lazy mom & fiancee. Laundry has piled up more than once lately, dishes have stayed in the sink for more than just overnight and I have neglected doing the vacuuming every day (because with a toddler you have to do it every day, at least once).

However, in being ‘lazy’ I have decided that I’m not being lazy. Sure my to-do list grows, but I feel like it’s almost totally pointless with a toddler. It will look the exact same .0002 seconds after she wakes up tomorrow.

Obviously I am totally aware that if I let it build up, then I’ll have more to do. I get that. But I just can’t seem to care.

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Why I’m Done Feeling Bad


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not lazy.

“Wait, what? She just said she doesn’t feel like doing anything…?”

Hang in there & keep reading.

As a stay-at-home-mom, we have a demanding “job” (because it’s not socially acceptable to refer to staying at home as a job, is it? or is it?) and it can be mentally draining.

From the time my feet hit the floor I am hearing “mommy” fifteen million times within the first 10 minutes, answering question after question, running my little to the bathroom every 15 minutes – because clearly she needs 3 glasses of chocolate or strawberry milk every hour and toddlers must have the smallest bladders ever – then there is cleaning up spills, fixing breakfast and lunch then snack after snack because she’s a growing child I assume & listening to her talk and trying to get my brain to keep up with toddler talk all day, every… day

By the time 2pm hits, I’m already texting her dad to see if he’s coming home any time soon to help me out.
Wishful thinking, it’s hardly ever that early… & when he does come home, she doesn’t care. It’s still funner to pester and ask mom the million questions and ask mom to get everything for her and take her to the potty.

I know us moms know everything but damn!

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But One Day…

I was sitting around one day feeling horrible that I was sure my fiancé would think less of me for coming home to a house that’s wrecked for like the second (or third?) day in a row.

I was wondering why I had zero energy.

Then she came up to me and talked for a straight 10 minutes and I did all I could to keep up without falling asleep.

Then it hit me like a Mack Truck on an icy road in the middle of December.

Duh… Mental exhaustion! I’m not in fact a lazy mom!

Being a stay-at-home-mom, mental exhaustion is seriously no joke.

Not to mention when you’re stressed about being broke and paying bills, then that just adds to the “no energy”.

I remember when Alexis was first born. I thought “When she can talk and tell me what she wants then this will be SO much easier.”

I was dreaming, huh? I don’t think that it will ever get easier.

But when I lay my little down at night and she gives me a hug and a kiss and says “goodnight mommy” it basically makes it worth it.

… For 5 minutes and then she’s right back up, yelling under the door for me to come give her food, take her to the potty, give her something to drink… etc. Anything to come back into the “limmin room”

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Final Thoughts…

So if you’re a broke, stressed, haven’t had one vacation since you’ve became a mom and run on no sleep because your significant other snores like a freight train, and have to keep up with a toddler day in and day out then I get it.

You are far, far, far from being alone!

To anyone who thinks us moms who stay at home just sit on our bums all day and do nothing but be lazy, puh-lease!
We may not have a spotless home, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put miles on our feet everyday running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

And to my fiancé, maybe when she’s 15 you will be able to come home to a spotless home. <3
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Your Turn

Do you feel like a lazy mom on more than one occasion? If so, do you agree that toddlers and kids can be a lot when that’s all you do all day? Drop your thoughts in the comments below! <3



  1. melissa velazquez says:

    Love this. I’m a work at home mom and the balancing act between completing assignments and trying to pay constant attention to my chatterbox three year old leaves me little time to worry about if I mopped today. Some days I feel like a bad mom because I forgot to defrost something for dinner or haven’t put away the laundry but then I remember my time is being spent exactly as it should be. Thanks for this #transparentparenting moment!

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