How to Save Time and Money Grocery Shopping!

Once upon a time, all moms in the land loved taking their children to the grocery store and having them throw tantrums for every sweet they came across..

HA! That’s a good start to a story right?

Totally unrealistic.

However, you can make the trip faster and less painful, just keep reading! (:

Grocery shopping with your kids can be a major headache. Come find out how to save time and money on your grocery shopping! - - #grocery #momlife #shopping #savemoney

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Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

This passed Sunday I had my fiancés mom tell me about this new service that Wal-Mart is offering for their Grocery Pick-Up. She said all you do is order your groceries and pay online & when you go pick them up, they bring them out to you.

Being as I had planned to go to the store that day and didn’t make it, I thought this would be the perfect time to test it.

I went online and searched for Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up.

I made an account with them and proceeded  to see what stores near me offer it.
The one that I actually like doesn’t offer it, but I vaguely remember them having a painted “Pick-Up” wall at their entrance where there was once a place to eat. So maybe they will get one soon! (:

How It Works

After I made an account and picked a time that I would be able to go get my groceries (they have hour time frames – so easy!) I started building my list.

I already had my grocery list made out so I just searched for the item I needed, (i.e. “bread”) and added the kind/brand/size that I wanted to my cart.

The awesome thing about this is that you can see all the prices of what matches your search.
I always hope that I’m getting the best priced item when I’m in the store. This makes it easier to see it all right there.

While “shopping” you are able to see the total of your order and decide if you wanted to settle for a different brand or smaller size of something. This helped me because it cut out the worry that when I get to the register I wouldn’t have enough money on my card.

After I had all I wanted in my cart, I also had a code for $10 off and since registering and using it, I have one to give you guys as well! Just copy an enter “RODHUVOW” at checkout!

The Next Day…

I packed up Alexis and went to do some other errands before our time to be at Wal-Mart. I just had to pick up something for her bathroom remodel (hint: a blog to look out for).

After that I used their “check-in” app to let them know I was on the way – they will have all the instructions on what it’s called after you check-out.

I waited about 20 minutes – seems kind of long, but I messed up and checked-in right before I was about to be there, not 15 minutes before like I was supposed to. Oops. However, it was a good time to watch all the millions of people walk in and see that I made the right choice. It being Monday, I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. It. Was. Packed!

I was so happy that I did this pick-up thing when I see how many people were going in and out, imagining all the hustle and bustle and fighting people to see what I needed. I sat in my car with Alexis playing Pokemon, not hearing any tantrums for cookies or candy or some random toy that was too expensive that I knew she would never even play with.

The guy brought them out to me, helped me load them in my car and I even got a free small thing of cheesecake with two little slices in it for being a first time user of their pick-up service! That turned into dessert for dinner that night since the fiancé loves cheesecake.

All-in-all it was a really good experience. The only suggestion is check-in when you’re like 15 minutes out or when you’re about to be on your way if you live closer to the Wal-Mart. That way it’s ready when you get there and you don’t have to wait as long as I did. Which I didn’t mind. Alexis was able to play Pokémon on my phone since I didn’t need it to look up anything because I did all that the night before.

How It Saves Time & Money

If you think about how much extra stuff you put in your buggy when you walk through a store, then you would realize that you spend a lot of unneeded money. Walking through a store, I may end up with cookies that I don’t need because they’re on sale, or pretzels that we already have because Alexis is screaming for them and has to have the bag opened right then!

Also you can compare prices and see what’s on rollback right on their site without having to skim and peek around everyone on the aisle.

It saves time because you don’t have to wait in a long line, you don’t have to fight people in the aisles who are arrogant and leave their buggys on one side and stand on the other and look at you like you’re in the wrong (if you’re one of those people, just know I loathe you…)

If you have seen my Planning Ahead blog then you know if you plan out your whole menu for the week and grocery list then you will be set. This saves time and money because you’re not running back and fourth to the store all week for things that you forgot.

So, if this is something that you wish to try, you can go here and get $10 off your first order, this also gives me a $10 referral credit, but that’s not the important part. I want you moms to see what it’s like to have a tantrum free “shopping trip”! It’s amazing!


If you sign up for “Swagbucks” you can also earn up to 7% cash back at Wal-Mart!

I will be doing a post on Swagbucks as well and how it helps me save on all kinds of things and how I earn money from simply searching online!


Your Turn

Have you tried this service? If so, what did you think?
Also let me know if you plan on trying it! (:

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