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Is hollar.com a Hoax?

One way that I am saving money this season is by using a new-to-me site called “Hollar“.

I just recently made an account with Hollar.com to see what kind of small things I could get for Little A for her stocking. I failed at getting stocking stuffers. Oh well. I did find neat stuff though!

So here is my Hollar Review of the things that I did get!

Hollar is a new-to-me place to find affordable things, but is it worth even their cheap prices? Find out here! - www.themommyhoodmoments.com - #hollar #shopping #affordable #savemoney #christmas

*This post may contain affiliate links, but my review is totally 100% honest! Read the disclosure here*

I ordered a few things for Little A which included some Disney brand puzzles, Frozen slippers, and a Dory coloring page that has glitter!

For myself I ordered an e.l.f. smudge eye sponge and an ice cream scoop because they were only $1/each!

I was highly impressed by the quality of the affordable items.

I’ve always thought if it’s cheap then it’s probably not great quality.

Surprisingly not true with Hollar.com!

Minnie Mouse Puzzles – $2
Dory Puzzles – $1

The Minnie Mouse puzzles come with 4 different puzzles with 6 pieces each.
For my puzzle crazy daughter, I think that will be good.

The Dory puzzles come with 4 different puzzles and each have 12 pieces.
I will have to help her with these I’m sure since they have so many pieces, but that’s okay.

The puzzles have those decent quality cardboard pieces. They seem pretty durable.
Plus the colors on them are great! Not what I thought I would get for the low price!

Finding Dory Coloring Set – $2

When this came and it was like a BIG sheet of paper, I was kind of surprised.
I’m sure that the markers will be like the ones in those $7.99 coloring page packs and dry up in 30 minutes, but I paid $2, so I seriously don’t even care. I’ll just give her regular markers. The sparkly paper with the Dory design was totally worth the $2 without the markers, in my opinion.

Frozen Slippers – $3

I was also surprised with this as well. I didn’t expect them to be the same as those $8 slippers in the stores. But they seem sturdy and durable. They’re also SO cute!

e.l.f. Smudge Eye Sponge – $1

Of course, these are like the e.l.f. makeup tools you buy in the store, so if you like e.l.f. then you’ll love this. I just bought this because I wanted it. 😉

Premier Ice Cream Scoop – $1

I think I was the most impressed with this one.

I figured for $1 there was no way the scoop could be anything more than plastic. But I ordered it anyways. I thought this would be a good way to tell if anything on here was not worth buying. In stores, this same scoop is like $7-$8.

The scoop is all around awesome. It’s totally durable and I am so happy that I had skeptical thoughts and purchased it to prove Hollar was a total hoax. ((FYI – It’s not.))


I freakin’ love Hollar.com. They have something for everyone! Men, women, kids, babies, makeup junkies, things for you home, party supplies, etc.. etc.. ETC!

They have it all and it’s ALL affordable!

I will definitely be ordering from them again.

I loved that they have fairly quick shipping, even during the holiday season.
It probably took about a week and a half to 2 weeks to get my items. Not bad for free shipping!

I can not wait to start our home renovation so I can buy their home items to make our house more inviting!
(I know I talk about our future renovations a lot, but money is super tight!) 🙁

I will totally be ordering some of their holiday stuff since they’re like $1 now!
Can you say #takemymoney??!
(Yes I just said money is super tight, but I need stuff to use next year! & it is ONLY $1) 😉

So clearly I am obsessed with Hollar and think everyone needs to head on over and shop!

PLUS! Their referral program is off the hook!
For every friend you refer with your custom link, you will get a $2 credit!
How. Stinkin’. Awesome!?

Your Turn!

I would love to hear what kind of experience you have had from here.
What you like or dislike.

I would also love to hear if you plan on ordering, and if so, what is your favorite thing on Hollar.com?

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