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I have made a list of New Year Goals for 2017 to become a better mother because I have set those cliché “New Years Resolutions” before and I never stuck to them. This time, I have goals. This means I have a plan.

Cliché New Years Resolutions never stick. Come make GOALS with me! I have made a list of my 10 New Year Goals to help me become a better mother in 2017. - - #resolutions #newyear #2017 #momlife #motherhood #mom

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My New Year Goals to Become a Better Mother

Jumping straight in, these are my goals as a mom to be better in the coming 2017 New Year.

1. Do More Activities

It’s no secret that I love teaching my daughter new stuff. We are currently working on learning to read with recognizing a few sight words at a time. Toddlers are such little sponges and it’s the perfect time to try to do fun activities so they can start learning. Not to mention, I love to see her eyes light up when she learns something new. So this year I have a goal to do more fun activities with her. I have looked into subscription boxes and I am thinking that Green Kid Crafts will be the box we go with. However, for you, it may not fit your style. So you can take a look at more subscription boxes at Early Childhood Education Zone.

2. Stress Less

I could go on and on about the things that I stress about on a daily basis. I even feel a huge knot currently in my shoulders from all the holiday stress. Things like no money, bills, or Little A not listening during the day stress me to my max 99% of the time. Stressing less is one of my new year goals because bills are inevitable, they will always come. There will be days Little A doesn’t listen and I should just prepare myself for that. She’s a toddler. Also, I’ve thought that my being stressed causes her to throw fits or get an attitude back with me. So it’s time to try cutting being stressed all the time.

3. Show More Love

There are times I tell Little A that the book can wait, cut her playtime in the bath short because I’m just overly done for the day, or tell her we can go outside later. This year I plan to put down whatever I’m doing to play and do more with her. I’ll read that book right then, a million times if she wants (not really, like 10 is my max) or I will take her outside or to to the park when she wants to go outside.

I am a stay at home mom because I want to take care of her and do stuff with her. Not because I want my house to look spectacular – though sometimes it is a plus to do projects to make it look better.

4. Anger Slower

Not totally sure if it’s because I’m a badass Aries, or what… But I can have the worst attitude and get so angry.  I’ve been working on it lately. Spilled milk? Clean it up. I noticed what it can look like when Little A just woke up from a nap and she was ill as a hornet. She spilled her OJ and busted out crying because she was so mad she spilled it. I laughed, told her to stop getting so upset and get the towel and I would help her clean it. She was just so mad and it made me realize how I also get angry over the littlest stuff. I’ve always known that, but I want to be better and show Little A how to be better.

What does anger solve anyways? Oh, I’m mad so the spilled milk will clean itself? No. So remember, no use in crying – or getting angry – over spilled milk (or OJ) 😉

5. Guilt Free Me Time

I’ve literally had like one facial this year where I was by myself for an hour. ONE! One hour totally to myself in Lord knows how long. Being a mom can be so exhausting, so I think all moms need more “me time” to themselves. In turn, I think in turn, time to themselves to reflect and relax helps us be better moms. This is why I am making this one of my New Year Goals for 2017.

Note: *Guilt Free* Me Time. That whole hour I felt so guilty that I was getting a facial and my fiancé was stuck watching her. Us moms should not feel guilty at all for needing an hour.

6. Compare & Compete Less

This is a big one of me. I always look to the left or right to see how this moms kid is doing. Or maybe they have something I’d like – a bigger vehicle, better looking house, etc. This may be some of the cause of my stress. I always feel like I don’t have my life together like the next person.

I noticed when people asked me what I wanted for Christmas – I had no idea.
My thought process would be… “Well I always complain about not having this or that, but it’s not necessary.. I have that…” What did I end up asking for for Christmas? Pots & pans, dish towels. I think I’m doing pretty well.

Granted I wanted to ask for gift cards to stores with paint and home decor, but I always make a “list” of small & inexpensive things.

7. Save More By Making More

This coming year one of my new year goals is to save more. I know I probably won’t ever have the best financial standing just working every other weekend, but that’s okay.

However, I want to make more at home. For example; I make the best homemade cleaning solution right at home, free of chemicals and for less than $2! Probably way less than that, but hey.
I also plan on implementing a plan to use my top 5 money saving apps more.

Keep an eye out for a post on making a clothing detergent at home as well! I’ve seen those and I plan on saving money on detergent as well.

Saving money using less chemicals around the house and in our clothes will help me feel like I am doing a better job teaching Little A that things can be made and I won’t be filling her surroundings with more chemicals than necessary.

8. Find Beauty in Simplicity

This year I let Little A decorate our Christmas tree with her half-sister. They had so much fun and I loved the smiles on their faces as they felt like big people getting to do it all by themselves. It may not be “Pinterest Standard” but it is beautiful. They will be grown and gone before I know it I am going to embrace and find beauty in even the simplest acts that I encounter on my mommyhood journey. ♥

9. Exercise Together

Little A loves being outdoors and looking at nature and learning new things hands on. So with that being said, I think that we will have to go to the park more or the zoo and just walk around. Instead of heading straight to the playground in our park, maybe I’ll park farther away and walk to it while talking about all things nature with her. This way we will be able to exercise together.

I also plan on using my Sworkit App more. It helps get me moving at home – without equipment – and Little A loves to join in! She especially loves the yoga exercises!

10. Commit to Happiness

I saved the best of the new year goals for last. This one is simple. I plan to commit to letting 2017 bring nothing but happiness. I’m going to try to commit to dropping the negative thoughts, bad vibes and stressors in 2016 where they belong. This has been such a hectic year and I plan to live a better one next year. How cliché? But it’s true!

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Cliché New Years Resolutions never stick. Come make GOALS with me! I have made a list of my 10 New Year Goals to help me become a better mother in 2017. - - #resolutions #newyear #2017 #momlife #motherhood #mom

Your Turn!

What are some of your new year goals for 2017? Drop them below. Let’s hold each other accountable!

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