Potty Training!

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This is a necessity to post about. Mainly because it’s such a headache for a lot of parents. No. My 2 and a half year old is not totally potty trained. In fact, we started a week ago and I was absolutely terrified!

Is she ready? Am I pushing her? Is it too soon?

How do I know if she’s ready???

At a little over a year old I attempted potty training Alexis. It worked really well. I even bought her a nice Minnie Mouse Potty (I love anything Disney) and she loved it! She would walk to the potty {{most times}} when she needed to use it and would wait for me to help her. I went to work that weekend an after that, nothing. She refused to have anything to do with a potty and I was terrified to push it anymore and decided that when she was ready, she would just go.


I decided I’m done buying diapers! …Well… Almost.

I may have been terrified that she wasn’t ready but I am so over buying diapers. They’re so expensive. Plus, she can tell me when she needs to be changed and pulls me to where we change, then she should be able to learn about the potty.

This past Sunday (August 21, 2016) I went and stocked up on panties. I already had a 3 pack of Minnie Mouse panties but first time {{about a month ago}} I tried taking away diapers and using only panties, she peed in all those and they ended up in the washer within 45 minutes…

So I bought 2 packs of just normal Fruit of the Loom Panties. She {{had}} to have the ones with “Twinkle Stars” so I bought them hoping that I could tell her not to pee on the stars! So now we have 15 pairs total. I think that should do it!



After we came home I told her no more diapers and we only had panties (until nighttime of course – I’m not that brave)

She had an accident once that evening but also peed in the potty twice. Both times were when I put her on it even though she told me she didn’t have to pee. I don’t want to make her scared of the potty, but I also don’t want to clean up pee from all over my floor. Both times she was so excited though! She had to run and tell her daddy what she did. I didn’t reward for her peeing in the potty because I have learned that kids are sneaky and I read something somewhere that said kids will try to hold some so they can go about every 10 minutes so they can get a reward. My reward system will be checking to see if she’s dry and awarding stickers, gummies or a toy of some sort (I’ll be making a trip to the dollar store for some trinkets when she’s more into it)

I for one think there should be some pro that you can hire that teaches them… Potty training is for the birds…

Good luck on your Potty Adventures!! (:

Update 1 – August 30, 2016

A week and a day after starting potty training we have been way more successful that I ever thought! For the most times she tells me when she needs to go. Over the weekend I was told that she waited till the last minute when outside to tell her daddy she had to pee so she had 2 accidents. But other than that no accidents! {{Pee wise that is! She still can’t get the hang of pooping…}} That’s a bigger accomplishment that I ever expected! The only totally “let-the-bladder-go” accident I’ve had with her was the first day we started.

Update 2 – September 9, 2016

So it’s been almost 3 weeks and potty training has had it’s testing moments. Yesterday she had two accidents and she has yet to poo in the potty except one time when I caught her in time. Usually she goes at night when I have a diaper on her then yells under the door that she needs a diaper change. I’m still no brave enough to put panties on her at night and I think that is messing it up a little. Her not going to bed when she’s in her room is really hindering me from having the bravery to put panties on her because I don’t want to search for where she peed. If she would stay in her bed, I would get something to put on it and use panties. I’m just at a loss as to what I should do there. Tips for night training and tips for getting them to sleep at night are greatly appreciated!

Update 3 – September 22, 2016

About a month after starting and I am loving not having to worry about getting diapers. I buy the cheaper packs with about 15 in them and it lasts a while. She has yet to poop in the potty except one time. She still seems to wait until she has a diaper on and is in her room at night to poop in the diaper. A lot of mornings she actually wakes up dry, so I am happy about that but I still use a diaper at night for those mornings she has woken up soaking wet. We have had less and less accidents. Her last one was this passed weekend when my car broke down, I was outside and when I go inside she looked like she was trying to find me but had already peed in her panties. There was a lot of chaos then so I know it’s definitely not because she probably didn’t try telling someone. I am super happy that potty training has been as successful as it has been for us.